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Awaken Love (in Marriage)

(Strategies to having a hot and holy marriage) $14.99
Reflection, Inspiration, Prayers


Helping married couples enjoy marriage through connection, communication, and copulation “Understand the art of love to enjoy the liberty of sex.”


I am honored to be one of the chosen vessels to help married couples explore options to revive and rekindle their marriage bringing the couples to a place of like and exhilaration for one another. Understanding that the adversary Satan’s job is to stop life reproduction, married couples must protect their marriage from the enemy’s attacks. 

He uses various methods to cause chao and confusion that keeps couples married yet disconnected. This was my story until I discovered keys to protect the 3 B’s of the enemy’s attacks (body, bed, & bank account). This discovery caused me to diligently seek ways to stay plugged into my marriage and connected to my husband, which changed the trajectory of our marriage leaving us fulfilled with liberty and a hot and holy marriage. 

If you are reading this book, you have recognized a need for a change in your marriage, you are ready for another level of fun and excitement. God is ready for you to experience the benefits He created for marriage. Let’s walk through this book and catapult your marriage to a win at being alive, hot, and holy. It’s time to awaken love in your marriage. 

Welcome to Awaken Love (in Marriage)! Selflessness and common courtesy are the chief corner stones in marriage. Without these concepts married couples are benefactors of chao, confusion, bitterness, and unforgiveness, which are the demise of marriage. You were created to connect with a spouse, live as one flesh, and reproduce. You can achieve genuine love and like for one another once we break down some prohibiting barriers. 

This book is written for both husband and wife. It explores the biblical breakdown of love, kingdom sex principles, bedroom liberty, and how to awaken love in marriage. It allows for time of reflection and prayer to invite God in the help you refocus and come together as husband and wife. Let’s walk together and awaken love to have a hot and holy marriage. 


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River Of Joy Ministries

Kingdom Ambassador
Chara A. Taylor

Connecting People to God and to One Another

Welcome to Chara Taylor Ministries!

We exist to empower Christ believers to live a life filled with JOY; to restore hope to the lost; and make disciples of all people.


Through sound biblical teaching, prayer, mentoring, life coaching, books, and workshops, we aid individuals in taking necessary steps to enjoy the abundant life of joy regardless of natural circumstances.

We believe there is life-changing power in the Word of God and in a relationship with Jesus..

Join Chara as she imparts and empowers you to live in the presence of the Lord, experiencing the fullness of joy.
Psalm 16:11


Chara Taylor Ministries is a ministry to men & women, young adult men & women, married couples, and families. 


Chara is a servant leader, Christ follower, wife, mother, author, relationship coach, mentor, Bible teacher, and public speaker dedicated to seeing people live life with joy.



Live Life with Joy
Principles - Promises - Presence - Power
Connecting People to God and to One Another


Purpose: Chara Taylor Ministries (or River of Joy Ministries) exists to restore hope, life, and truth to Christians by teaching them to live biblical principles and empowering them to enjoy biblical promises. 

Mission: Help Christians live a life of joy, and experience God’s presence, power, and promises through His revealed spiritual principles. 

Vision: A fueling place or resting place to nourish, refresh, heal, equip, and release Christian women who are looking to grow spiritually.


Our vision and mission are fulfilled through
Books, workshops, seminars, online classes, and women connections: Wise Wives for married women and Woman to Woman for all women.