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Shining Through The Process Of Purpose

Shining Through The Process of Purpose (Wisdom Tools to Help Young Women Find & Fulfill Purpose in Life) $14.99

Wisdom ~ Inspiration ~ Transformation

Helping Young Women Transform Pain Into Beauty & Purpose


“Embedded in each of you are diamond like qualities waiting to be mined to bring joy to God, other, and yourself” (quote from book)


I am honored to help young women experience life changing transformation from a place of pain and struggle to a place of purpose and prosperity by changing attitude, behavior, and character.


Understanding your purpose in life begins with understanding your identity, worth, and value, which is found in God, first. There is a way to live life to the fullest regardless of how hard life is for you, but you must be willing to overcome, have a focused mind, be determined to succeed, and embrace your gifts and uniqueness.


I have endured a very tedious and tumultuous life, yet I do not look like what I’ve been through. Regardless of how long I’ve followed Jesus, life has attacked my health, finances, relationships, and affected my attitude, behavior, and character. Nothing I tried worked or brought me peace. It was when I discovered how to use those situations to maximize my life then I found my purpose and began to shine in life. Discovering tools to change my mindset and situations propelled me to succeed and establish gainful and meaningful outcomes in my health, finances, relationships, and my career.

If you are a young woman who has endured trials, pain, struggles, and persecutions in life, you will find this book edifying and empowering, leaving you with the ability to change the course of your life and place you in position to shine in purpose.


Welcome to Shining Through the Process of Purpose.


Your transformation from persecution to purpose is cultivated in the process of the trials you endure. The way you respond to trials plays a major role in how you progress or regress. In order to progress you must be willing to endure the process. I believe you are a threat to the kingdom of darkness, and the enemy of you soul throws attacks your way to hinder your purpose; but your ability to endure and respond with a kingdom mindset sets the stage for your transformation from persecution to purpose.


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River Of Joy Ministries

Kingdom Ambassador
Chara A. Taylor

Connecting People to God and to One Another

Welcome to Chara Taylor Ministries!

We exist to empower Christ believers to live a life filled with JOY; to restore hope to the lost; and make disciples of all people.


Through sound biblical teaching, prayer, mentoring, life coaching, books, and workshops, we aid individuals in taking necessary steps to enjoy the abundant life of joy regardless of natural circumstances.

We believe there is life-changing power in the Word of God and in a relationship with Jesus..

Join Chara as she imparts and empowers you to live in the presence of the Lord, experiencing the fullness of joy.
Psalm 16:11


Chara Taylor Ministries is a ministry to men & women, young adult men & women, married couples, and families. 


Chara is a servant leader, Christ follower, wife, mother, author, relationship coach, mentor, Bible teacher, and public speaker dedicated to seeing people live life with joy.



Live Life with Joy
Principles - Promises - Presence - Power
Connecting People to God and to One Another


Purpose: Chara Taylor Ministries (or River of Joy Ministries) exists to restore hope, life, and truth to Christians by teaching them to live biblical principles and empowering them to enjoy biblical promises. 

Mission: Help Christians live a life of joy, and experience God’s presence, power, and promises through His revealed spiritual principles. 

Vision: A fueling place or resting place to nourish, refresh, heal, equip, and release Christian women who are looking to grow spiritually.


Our vision and mission are fulfilled through
Books, workshops, seminars, online classes, and women connections: Wise Wives for married women and Woman to Woman for all women.