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They Shall Know You
By Your Fruit

They Shall Know You By Your Fruit $16.99


Helping Christians Walk in the Power and Character of God


I’m honored to accept the call to help Christians cultivate the spiritual garden of their life by giving them practical tools to help them succeed at living a life that reflects Christ and draws others to Christ.


Letting your spiritual light shine that others might glorify God happens when your actions model the actions of Christ. This is only possible when you walk according to the Holy Spirit.


For years, I attended church and participated in all the activities but failed at displaying Christ-like behavior. I made friends but relationships didn’t last long. I had perfected the rituals but not allowed the Word to manifest in my actions to resemble Jesus. Then I entered a relationship with Jesus and discovered the key to looking like Him. This key changed my life and the outcome was life-changing for me and others around me. Once I began practicing the key to character change, I witnessed several family members and friends give their life to Jesus. Making disciples is what the journey is all about.


If you are reading this book, more than likely, you love God and desire to live a life that is pleasing to Him. But like me, you are unsure how to achieve your desired results and you are unsure how to make what is in your heart give tangible results. You want others to love Jesus as much as you do. This book will walk you through the steps to achieve your goal and fulfill Jesus’ great commission to make disciples.


Welcome to They Shall Know You By Your Fruit!

Everything you need to walk in the power and character of God is already inside of you. You are equipped to make disciples by using your fruit-filled life as light to draw others to Christ. You will maximize the reproduction of fruit by appropriating them in the correct areas in your life. The 1st group of 3 fruit are about your attitude toward God, the 2nd group of 3 fruit deal with your social relationships, and the last group of 3 fruit guide your Christian conduct as it relates to morality and stewardship.


This book is meant to guide you in understanding and living biblical principles and receiving biblical promises. You will renew your mind (Romans 12), experience a new heart and a right spirit (Psalm 51), begin to live and walk in a way that plants you in position to operate in kingdom power. Let’s cultivate the fruit of the spirit in your life!


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River Of Joy Ministries

Kingdom Ambassador
Chara A. Taylor

Connecting People to God and to One Another

Welcome to Chara Taylor Ministries!

We exist to empower Christ believers to live a life filled with JOY; to restore hope to the lost; and make disciples of all people.


Through sound biblical teaching, prayer, mentoring, life coaching, books, and workshops, we aid individuals in taking necessary steps to enjoy the abundant life of joy regardless of natural circumstances.

We believe there is life-changing power in the Word of God and in a relationship with Jesus..

Join Chara as she imparts and empowers you to live in the presence of the Lord, experiencing the fullness of joy.
Psalm 16:11


Chara Taylor Ministries is a ministry to men & women, young adult men & women, married couples, and families. 


Chara is a servant leader, Christ follower, wife, mother, author, relationship coach, mentor, Bible teacher, and public speaker dedicated to seeing people live life with joy.



Live Life with Joy
Principles - Promises - Presence - Power
Connecting People to God and to One Another


Purpose: Chara Taylor Ministries (or River of Joy Ministries) exists to restore hope, life, and truth to Christians by teaching them to live biblical principles and empowering them to enjoy biblical promises. 

Mission: Help Christians live a life of joy, and experience God’s presence, power, and promises through His revealed spiritual principles. 

Vision: A fueling place or resting place to nourish, refresh, heal, equip, and release Christian women who are looking to grow spiritually.


Our vision and mission are fulfilled through
Books, workshops, seminars, online classes, and women connections: Wise Wives for married women and Woman to Woman for all women.