Life With A Special Needs Child

By Amelia E. Faggétt

Life with a Special Needs Child is a book based on my journey as a mom with a special needs child. My purpose is to share my story to empower other parents that may not know what to expect and this will help you ask yourself questions and/or point you in the right direction.



A journey of a mother with a special needs child. 

Life Experience This section is about my journey with my daughter and how I used to be easy going and took the doctors words at face value,but as I experienced more time with my daughter I realized that my opinion did matter and I knew that I needed to be more observant.  

Discovery & Delivery Want people to understand the mental agony that I went through when I found out my child would have down syndrome and all the scenarios that went through my mind.  

Disabilities This part is about the multiple disabilities my daughter had to endure and how the diagnosis list increased.  

Parenting, Challenges & Growth With the overwhelming of schedules and challenges that I gone through,it provided and upside of growth.

Nurse & Assistance In this area we will cover some of the care assistants thats available and some of the trials and errors of having in home services. Medical Knowledge Having the understanding of your child and how you could help. Knowing the medical side effects as it pertains to your child. Be aware and keep yourself informed. Learning Lessons Now we will talk about the learning lessons of a special needs child and how you apply what you know for the benefit of your child. Educate yourself and learn from your experience. Life of Thankfulness Appreciation of the people and groups that help you get through and move forward. Want people to understand that I could not have not done what I have without people.  

"This book really encouraged and informed me because I was a Special Education Teacher. Parents would ask me questions that I did not know the answer to. As a result of having the information in this book, I was better able to help them." Dr. Damita Johnson President of the Womens Success Empowerment Network

The Author

Amelia E. Faggétt is a professional speaker, Christian woman of wisdom that's passionate about helping women succeed and an advocate for Special Needs children. Founder of Virtuous Thoughts a faith-based organization geared towards the journey to wisdom for women. As a result of the many challenges she faced, her heart has increased in wanting to help women of all ethnicities navigate through divorce, starting over, being a single parent, special needs children, building a successful business all while receiving everything that God has for you. Amelia is an entrepreneur and praise dancer/coach...with an old soul. She’s a wife and mother of a blended family of 6 kids with one having special needs and enjoys homeschooling.  



When you buy this book, not only are you getting the information you need to be in a better position to care for a special needs child, you will also be supporting the special needs community.